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Smarkets are releasing new SBK App for online sports betting for UK residents. Find out more in our review.


Online betting exchange company, Smarkets has confirmed that it has released the beta version of its upcoming SBK App intended for sports betting. At the moment SBK is nothing more than an ordinary working title for the pending sportsbook. We’ll see if that is going to be its final title or is it going to change.

What are the main advantages of this brand new app? Find out in our review.

SBK Bookmaker App Details

The SBK Bookmaker is conceived as an app-only platform made after the Smarkets betting exchange platform. The app has a simpler layout which makes the whole procedure of placing a bet easier.

SBK AppDetails
SBK App TypeBetting exchange app
FeaturesIn-play betting, live scores, easy withdrawal
SBK Sports MarketsFootball, tennis, horse racing, and golf

Furthermore, all the users will be able to share tips and bets between them thanks to the innovative social elements applied to the SBK app. The main aim of the company is to launch a brand new sports betting product which is totally innovative and attractive to its customers.

The beta launch of the application shows how much they care about their users. The most important thing to them is to have more people to test it. Thanks to this pre-release they will be able to get feedback from those who try the SBK app. By gathering feedback, they will be able to make significant improvements before a full launch. That’s how they will be one step ahead comparing to their competitors. They will know what they clients want and need, and there lies the secret of success.

The pre-released software will be accessible to a limited number of test users. Those will be only the ones who have an ‘invite only code’. You have an opportunity to try SBK and contribute to the online sports betting community with your experience.

SBK Bookmaker

SBK app is available both on Google Play and App Store. So, no matter what type of mobile device you have, you can easily download it.
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The smooth interface allows you to quickly find the sports events, and then choose the ones that you want to bet on. Some of SBK’s main features are the following ones:

  • Modern sportsbook app.
  • Betting markets for football, tennis, horse racing, and golf.
  • 2FA – The Two Factor Authentication, an extra layer of security that keep your account safe and protected from frauds and criminal actions.
  • Attractive design that makes your betting experience impeccable.
  • The possibility of In-play betting.
  • Easy management of your balance (depositing and withdrawing money).
  • Live scores with really fast data updates.
  • The best possible odds.
  • Offering better betting options than competing bookies.

SBK iPhone
Pay attention to the fact that this is a real money gambling application. Even though it’s still just a pre-released version of the mobile software, it doesn’t include an option of a free trial, or free play.

Who are Smarkets

Smarkets are a hugely successful online betting exchange company that exists since 2008. Currently, they have offices in London, Los Angeles, and Malta. We may expect that they will expend further sometime in the future. The launch of SBK Bookmaker proves their will for development. Besides sports betting markets they have markets regarding political and current affairs as well as TV and entertainment stuff. Pretty entertaining, right?

Smarkets Layout

The Smarkets website includes more types of sports that you can bet on. For instance, besides football, tennis, horse racing, and golf that you can find on the app, the site contains a few more options such as: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Golf, Mixed Martial Arts, Motorsports, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Current Affairs, TV and Entertainment.

When it comes to In-play, the possibility of sports events that you can bet on is rather limited. They include sports like football, tennis, boxing, and crickets. On the other hand, the in-play betting has its own numerous advantages since you can bet after the event has started and up to its conclusion.

SBK App Review Conclusion

The SBK App is something fresh and new on the online sports betting scene. With a wide range of sports events, and political and actual affairs that you can bet on, the possibilities of entertainment are unlimited.

Test the beta version of the app and see what are the good sides and what can be improved.