Sports betting bonus codes >>> Find out all about them

Sports betting bonus codes

Sports betting bonus codes form an important part of online gambling. There’s a big chance that you’ve probably heard of them. Even if you haven’t it’s totally ok. In this article, we are going to explain in details what they are, what’s their purpose, where to find them, how they work, how to use them and what are the key terms and conditions to keep an eye on.

What are Sports Betting Bonus Codes? What’s their purpose?

The first thing that comes across our mind when we are talking about bonus codes is what they are. How to define them?

According to the simple and clear definition, the bonus codes are strings of text, usually a random combination of letters or numbers, or both letters and numbers.

The second question is why do we need them for. What is their purpose?

First of all, we need to say that bonus codes might have different purposes. However, there’s a special one that is important for all dedicated sports bettors.

We are using the Sports Betting Bonus Codes for claiming promotional offers. They are our ticket to specific offers at specific times. What does that mean? It means that one code is designed for a special offer and it must be used within a certain time period for the exact same offer.

In order to illustrate how bonus code works, let’s imagine that some known sportsbook like Unibet, for example, has an enticing welcome bonus for all users who register for the very first time. You don’t have an account, so you are eligible for the welcome bonus. You fill in the registration form with all required data and the the last field of the registration form requires a ‘Unibet bonus code’.

Now you’re probably asking yourself where to find the code when it’s applicable, which brings us to our third question.

Online betting offers with a bonus code and where to find them?

In the world of online gambling, bonus codes are often redeemable for a variety of different types of online betting offers. The offer can be in a shape of bonus cash, free bets, deposit match bonus, no-deposit bonus, etc.

There are also some other names for sports betting bonus codes such as:

  • Promo code
  • Signup code
  • Promotional code
  • Promotion code
  • Voucher code

Never mind the appellation, the promo codes for sportsbook work the same way. You can get them from the bookmaker’s website directly or from different sportsbooks’ reviews available on the network. There are several websites dedicated to finding the latest sports betting online promotions and codes. Check out our list of some of the online betting offers and sports betting bonus codes.

It’s even better to search for the codes in those special reviews because at the same time you can see all the main features of the sportsbook and see if the operator is suitable for you or if it’s not.

Usually, the above-mentioned reviews explain in details all the main features of the bookmaker, as well as the current promotions and they provide you a bonus code if it’s applicable.

Let’s take a look at different types of online betting offers that might require a bonus code. For instance, one sportsbook might have 10 different promotional offers at the same time. The offers might look like this:

  • Welcome Bonus: 100% match up to £300. Use bonus code: WelBon300
  • Reload Bonus: 50% match up to £100. Use bonus code: RelBon100
  • No deposit bonus: Get £10 with no deposit. Use bonus code: NDBFS05
  • Referral bonus: Receive up to £20 bonus for each friend you refer! Use bonus code: REFFR20; etc.

Please note that the bonuses and codes above do not exist and their only purpose is to serve as an example.

Types of bookmaker offers

As we have mentioned before the bonuses can come in different forms. Here we’ll explain the most common ones:

Initial deposit bonus

This type of offer is usually conceived as a welcome bonus and it’s for new customers only. That’s the bookmaker’s way of attracting new bettors.

Essentially, when you are signing up with that particular bookmaker, you receive a bonus on top of your initial deposit. The bonus equals to a certain % on your initial deposit up to some maximum amount. For instance, “Receive 50% bonus on your initial deposit up to £500”.

No deposit bonus

This is also a type of welcome bonus offers. As soon as you register at some sportsbook you get a certain amount as additional resources that you can play with. For example, the bonus offer may say, “Sign-up and receive £10”.

That means that if you become a member your account will be credited with £10. What’s more, you don’t need to deposit any money.

Reload bonus

This type of bonus is for the existing customers, for those who have their accounts and who have already made a deposit in the past. So, this promotion is a kind of loyalty program for dedicated players.

Just to illustrate what we stated above, the reload bonus might look something like a happy hour Friday where you can get 30% on every deposit that given night.

Referral bonus

Friend Referral program brings you additional money to play with each time you refer your friends. As soon as they open an account and fund it, you’ll receive a cash bonus.

It’s very simple. Just contact your friends and recommend them your favourite bookmaker.

Matching your stake

It’s a very common type of bonus that you can find at the majority of the bookmakers. How does it work?

Usually, you create an account and place a bet. They will match your initial bet, in other words, double it.

For example, if you wager £20, the bookmaker will match that bet with a bonus of £20, giving your bet a total stake of £40.

Free bet series

This type of bonus is similar to the previous one. The difference is just that when it comes to matching your stake you get the whole amount of the bonus all at once. Free bets are separated into a certain number of bets. How does it work?

Let’s say that you bet £50. In this case, you’ll receive five £10 free bets.

Pay attention! Before claiming any bonus, it is very important to understand all its aspects. Claiming a bonus is not an instantaneous procedure where you get free money by entering the bonus code if applicable. In order to withdraw it, you’ll need to complete many requirements.

What sort of terms and conditions apply?

  • Rollover requirement

Rollover requirement also called wagering requirement state that you must wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw your bonus and your winnings.
An example might be helpful. Let’s say that there’s some kind of 100% match bonus with a 5 times required rollover. Your initial deposit is £100. This means that you’ll have £200 to play with, but you can’t withdraw the bonus money until you’ve played £1000 = (£100 of your deposit +£100 the bonus money) x5 times required rollover.

  • Time limit

Every bonus has an expiry date. That means that the bonus is valid only until a certain date. Within this time period, you have to complete the wagering requirements.
Pay attention to that, too, because once this period expires you are losing the possibility of withdrawing money.
Bookmakers place this kind of limits to encourage the regular return to their site.

  • Maximum and minimum amount you can bet

For example, if you are claiming the Matching your stake type of bonus, you’ll find the minimum stake to be matched in the range of £5 and maximum £25, let’s say.

  • Minimum odds

When it comes to odd restrictions every bookmaker decides on his own. In the terms and conditions of the bonus, you’ll find that you must place your bets at odds greater than a certain value. For instance, if the odd restriction is at 1.20 (1/5) that means that any single bet placed at odds of less than 1.20 won’t count towards the release of your money. You must pace bets at odds of 1.20 or greater.
The terms and conditions of some bonuses, for example, may oblige you to bet at odds greater than 3.00 (2/1). It doesn’t seem like an optimal condition, right? So that’s why you need to read carefully the terms and conditions of every single offer and find the one that seems appropriate to you. All of them imply certain risk. But some might be riskier than the others.

These are the important requirements that every bonus has for itself. There are also a lot of additional requirements. Then again it’s the bookmaker who proclaims them, and they vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Make sure to read them before claiming your bonus!
Best of luck with your online sports betting adventures!