Unibet, Paddy Power or Betfair – who has the best sports betting customer support? Read our review below and get the answer.

Sports Betting – the Best Customer Support

Customer service or customer support is a very important business element across all types of industries. The betting and gambling industry is no different. Furthermore, this industry can actually gain greatly with the increased trust from customers.

This is why we wanted to check how good is the customer support actually. Every brand boasts how they can be easily reached, but we have decided to put that to the test. Continue reading to learn more which platform has the best Customer Support.

Betting and Casino Best Customer Service

All of the three brands we are going to talk about today offer outstanding service to their clients. Whether we are talking about Unibet, Paddy Power, or Betfair, players can expect a wide range of choices.

However, even the top has levels of quality. Let’s start off by examining what we are actually going to evaluate when we are looking at these brands.

What Did We Look For to Measure Performance?

When it comes to customer support, it is quite easy to measure who is performing best. In this examination, we have decided to take a look at different ways of reaching out to customer support, and how each brand managed to make use of them.

Let’s take a look at phone, email, live chat, and social media communication. Each of the brands managed better at one of these communication mediums. Luckily, we have managed to find the absolute winner. Let’s take a look at phone communication.

Phone Results – Betting Customer Support

Not all of these brands have a phone customer support. Unibet is missing it, while both the Paddy Power and Betfair have their phone customer support available.

While you are going to get a faster answer on the ring at Betfair, you will get faster to the issue and have it solved with Paddy Power. To put it simply, useful information start coming to you whole minute or two before it would while on a call with Paddy Power.

However, with both of these brands, you can easily reach out to customer service and have your problem resolved within minutes. The victor here is Paddy Power.

Email Results – Casino Customer Service

Email is still one of the preferred methods of communication for many people. Especially in the business environment. This is why all three of these brands have decided to use it as a means of customer support communication. However, the problem is that two of these brands have probably forgotten that they still use email as a customer support tool.

This is probably why it took for Paddy Power and Betfair a whole 400 hours to respond to our email. However, it only took one hour for the Unibet to respond to our email, which is a normal period of time, as the brand most likely receives email customer support messages frequently.

Therefore, if for any reason you require assistance from Paddy Power or Betfair, it is a much better solution to reach out to their customer service via live chat, social media or a phone. Let’s take a look further and see how other methods have passed.

Live Chat Results – Customer Service

Live chat is one of the latest additions to the arsenal of tools in customer service. Many have been praising it for years now. The time has finally come to put it to the test. Our findings have discovered that Unibet, Paddy Power, and Betfair all rely on live chat as a communication means with their customers.

Of all the give brands, the most responsive brand was Unibet with 10 seconds, while Paddy Power and Betfair scored 60 and 30 seconds respectively. Now, first response and satisfactory answer are two different things. And to reach this stage of conversation, Unibet needed 40, Paddy Power 60, and Betfair 180 seconds. Given that all of the operators were human (no chatbots were used), these values are likely to oscillate over time, but the clear winner here is Unibet definitely.

Social Media results

All these brands are active on social media, and we have decided to measure responsiveness on Twitter. It is, after all, a network where you are expected to be active at all times.

While we got no response from Unibet Twitter, we managed to get a response from Paddy Power after only 2 Minutes, while Betfair followed with a follow-up after only 12 minutes.

As you can see, no matter what communication method you decide to use in the end, you are going to reach out to a customer support representative from the warmth of your home.

Final Verdict – The Best Customer Support

The best customer support reward goes to Paddy Power. Even though it does have the same number of communication channels open as Paddy Power, Betfair was much slower with live chat and finding a useful answer on the phone.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Unibet customer service was quite responsive, this brand simply lacks one type of communication in comparison to other brands.

The good thing is that you can reach out to any of these three brands via one of the communication channels. If you seek any assistance, it is best to use live chat. This method proved to be the most reliable one, as you will get some sort of reply within 5 minutes of your query.

We wish you a lot of fun with your betting adventures. We hope that this is useful information for you, it is good to know how good each brand is with providing high quality customer support.

To learn more about these brands, feel free to head over the Unibet review, Betfair review or Paddy Power review. Now that you know who offers the best customer support, you can more easily find the most suitable brand for your betting adventures.