Read our Sports Betting App reviews and get to know which brand delivered the Best Mobile Betting App in the UK.

The Best Mobile Betting App in the UK

Use of mobile operating systems is on the rise. Both Android and iOS operating systems are still seeing growth rates as new users flock to the smartphone ecosystem. This is why we are only going to see an even higher number of high-quality apps in the future.

We have decided to take a look at three different mobile betting apps, and help you more easily find the best mobile betting app in the UK.

This much competition is great, as the best apps are going to climb the app markets. Users will be able to more easily find the best app for their needs.

We are going to go through three different sports betting apps and see which one is going to leave the best impression. But before we start, we are going to go over the rating methodology.

How Do We Do Our Sports Betting App Reviews?

When testing apps, we tend to take plenty of different factors into consideration. This helps us decide to pick which of the apps is the best mobile betting app in the UK.
We take a look at:

  • iTunes rating;
  • Ranking;
  • Price;
  • Size;
  • Languages;
  • Availability on other platforms;
  • App features;
  • App requirements.

Many would ignore some of these factors, but each of them plays a bigger or a smaller role on how good an actual app is. Let’s go over each of them and conclude what might be the best option for you.

Best Betting App Offers

Usually, the welcome offer tells a lot about a brand. It is important to mention that each of these brands has an amazing welcome offer which also refers to new mobile customers.

As the goal of the text is not to focus on bonuses of these brands, feel free to check out Unibet review, Paddy Power review, and Betfair review to see which of these brands has the best welcome offer.

This will probably influence which brand you want to choose, but there are other things you should pay attention to when looking for a best mobile betting app in the UK. You want the whole experience to be entertaining, and not stay stuck with an app that crashes every 5 minutes.

Betting Apps Store Listing Impressions

First impressions are often important, and the same is true when it comes to looking for the best mobile betting app in the UK. There are a couple of things that have caught our eye.

The number of ratings is a great estimate of how good an app is. In this category, the leader is Paddy Power, followed by Betfair. Unibet sits at the lowest number of rates, meaning that not many people are really satisfied with this app.

Of course, this is not the only metric that shows us how good an app is, the average rating has its role in the whole process. While both Paddy Power and Betfair have an average rating of 4.6, Unibet is rated quite poorly, at 2.4.

The highest ranking sports betting app is Paddy Power, which is currently sitting at 16 in sports. Unibet is at the other end of the spectrum, ranking 82 while Betfair is in the middle with the rank of 25.

Of course, all this information is a subject to change over time, but the current situation shows that Paddy Power is the best app in the UK Apple App Store. But, we are going to take a closer look at how each of these apps performs.

Sports Betting App Requirements

This is where things become a bit more complicated. Sports betting apps should be as lightweight as possible, however, this is not the case with either of these brands. Out of these three, the smallest app is Unibet. But, in this case, it does not mean much, as we are going to get into more details about Unibet App specifically.

When it comes to Betfair and Paddy Power, they come in at 46MB and 56.6MB respectively. This is something we would like to be smaller in the future, but, unlike the Unibet app, these two work well on both iOS and Android platforms.

Even though the Unibet app is beautifully designed, the problems of this app lie under its hood. As the app is unstable on smartphones such as iPhone, you can imagine how bad it would perform on a mid-range Android smartphone. As soon as these issues are resolved, the app is going to remain competitive. At the current time, Unibet app lacks stability, but this is most likely going to be resolved through updates. As the website works perfectly, we are certain that the brand will be able to deliver an equally good product on the mobile market as well.

Sports Betting App Features

All three apps are quite similar when it comes to features. Designers of all three brands have captured what the customers need when they want to bet on the go. The most prominent feature that many people love is the live stream. Being able to watch a game and bet on the go is entertaining.

Like in previous cases, both Paddy Power and Betfair deliver this feature without any issues to all their users, while Unibet does not perform too well. Unibet is simply a very demanding app that needs to be better optimized. While it is still usable, it can be much better, especially when you take into consideration how serious brand we are talking about.

Even though live streaming is supported by all brands, only one provides an amazing service, as it offers the widest choice of events that can be streamed. We are talking about Betfair. It offers over 50 000+ events per year, while Paddy Power only offers 3000+. We have no information on this number for Unibet. While Betfair offers the highest number of events, it also offers the highest number of different sports you can bet on. This really puts the cherry on top of the live streaming feature.

Another important feature that many people overlook is the number of languages available. While Paddy Power is English only, Unibet sits at the highest number of supported languages, which is 19, while Betfair supports 11. Combination of the quality of Live Streaming and number of supported languages puts the Betfair on the top in this part of the review.

We have to mention that all three apps have the cash-out feature, which makes it possible for bettors to get their winnings before anything goes “wrong”.

Sports Betting Apps Reviews – The Best Mobile Betting App in the UK

At the time of writing this article, it is obvious that the best choice for your betting adventures is Betfair mobile sports betting app. Of course, this might change in the future, but at this moment, you can take the most advantage of their application, as you can enjoy the live streaming feature of over 50,000 events per year. This is not something that many apps can boast.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to have fun on your smartphone, Betfair is the top choice among these contenders.